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Planting Lillies

To be lily friendly your soil needs to be friable. Open well drained soil is essential. A soil rich in humus, leaf mould and good compost is ideal. These terms are widely used, sometimes interchangeably, it is useful to remind ourselves what each component is.

Known as black gold by gardeners it is created by the decomposition of organic matter. A lot of microscopic action will still be taking place, the bugs, bacteria, fungi, and microbes are still devouring the organic matter. Compost continually releases nutrients to the soil to help plant growth.

Humus is what is left once all the usable chemicals in compost have been extracted. It is spongy in nature and especially moisture retentive, very important for gardeners. It will also store nutrients, notably calcium, phosphorous and magnesium that plants then absorb through their roots. Humus gives soil its crumbly texture.

Leaf Mould
Leaf mould is composting fallen leaves for future use in the garden either as a mulch or worked into the soil. It benefits the garden by absorbing water and as a soil conditioner, attracting earthworms and good bacteria. Its nutrient levels are low so make sure you carry on with the compost and humus.

When using planters, remember that the bigger the container the easier the bulbs are to grow. The more compost that can be held, the easier watering will be. The addition of a little grit will help. Large planters are also more stable, something to consider when growing taller plants in gusty conditions.

Finally, lilies enjoy the company of other plants, some shade around their roots but much of the foliage and flowers in airy sunshine. Adding some trailing plants or small bedding annuals will add to the show, help shade the soil and regulate temperature.

I was once told “only friends of the devil can grow parsley” This was a bit disconcerting at the time as I had a huge bed of it! However, since then I’ve not had so much success, but this video clip by Sarah Raven might help any having similar problems:


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